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Datsun outline stickers?

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Catching up on my posting today... I was wondering if anyone has done outline stickers for any datsuns? Here are some examples of what I'm talking about:





I've searched through the cobwebs and found these two threads with a couple datsuns outlined thanks to image.php?u=147&dateline=1176845979 spiffinspudater:




Here are the pics:




I'm 87.6% terrible with photoshop, so don't expect anything neato out of me!

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Hahahaha, Why didn't I think of this before. From now one all the coastal oregone people I see in a goon I'm gonna call em Goonies.


Yea I think zeto thought we were making fun of him when we said welcome to the goon squad.:D

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Ooh, thanks for re-posting those outlines!

Now I might try my hand at doing a vectored 620.:D I've already done an RX-7, and I'm slowly working on a fastback Mustang. The mustang is going really slow since I had to make the outline from scratch, but it's coming.



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