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Z'd LCA's for 2" drop on kingpin trucks, mklotz70

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The powder went on way too heavy in some spots...1, because of the cheap gun(read operator not setting it up right!) .....2, all the pockets and corners play hell with trying to get powder down into them! Anyway.....now all I have to do is wrap them up and find a box!! :)



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I realize how old this thread is, but it seemed like a good place to announce that I will be doing a few sets of these soon. I'm doing a couple of sets for a couple of guys. While I'm at it, I'm going to do at least two extra sets to sell. Maybe 3 sets if I have that many laying around here. Price on the extra sets will most likely be about $300/set. These arms will lower your stock kingpin suspension by at least 2". If you're running stock rims, the scrub line may be below your rim which means that if you get a flat, these arms will probably drag. I don't recall for sure, but I thought I'd better point that out just in case. :)


I'm putting this out there for anyone else that wants a set done. If you send me the arms before I start and you prepay(all or at least $50deposit), the price will be $200/set which will include return shipping. You'll have to pay to get them here.


These arms will NOT be metal finished or painted. I will do the heavy grinding, but the final details and paint will be up to you. hhmmm....I might check into black zinc like my brackets, but no promises on that yet.


PM me if you're interested.

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I'll take a set Mike, at the moment I don't have a set of lower LCAs, don't know how soon you need them either. I am heading to LA next weekend I beleave to pick up the 320 windshields, so I am a little tight on spare time at the moment, let me know what I need to do, and I will pay up front. I sent an email to you also. wayno

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I'll try to get some pics up soon. Not much to show yet, but I have started them. I'm going to be doing 6 sets, but 3, possibly 4 are already sold.


Something that I just noticed today....the 320 arms are narrower at the dog bone than the 521 arms.....meaning they will not interchange. I'm pretty sure I've always said they would....wrong again!! Anyway.... I'm doing two sets of 320 arms and 4 - 521's....but I think both 320 sets are sold. If you are a 320 guy thinking about having this done, you're going to have to send your arms or find an extra set. And if you are thinking about having this done....THIS MAY BE THE ONLY TIME I DO THESE!! We'll see.

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I've been working on getting the CAD art tweaked and corrected for these arms. I've still got two pieces to add to it, but this is what the gusset assembly looks like so far. Makes me wonder if this could be assembled and then just fitted to a cut arm. It's not going to be cheap to have all this laser cut. :( .....but I'm really digging the CAD stuff :)



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Thanks Steve! It was a really slow night at work, so I got another version with interlocking tabs created too. I just called the cutter and they're open today so I should have the artwork off to them by noon. I'm putting in art for some 1/4" wheel spacers, roadster caliper spacers, brake hose clips and the 7 pieces that make up the gusset assembly. I'm starting to get all kinds of other ideas about stuff I want to draw up in CAD. Anyway...........

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Finally got the art submitted just before 2pm. I decided to do interlocking tabs....if I weren't a beginner, I'm sure it would have been no prob, but it took me hours. Anyway....I also got the other art submitted to, so hopefully, I'll get a quote back today....most likely, tomorrow.









The tabs are recessed .100" in the hole so that I won't get as much weld build up. I don't really need to weld it, but there's no point in leaving it open to the elements. :)

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I did this before all the CAD construction. I jotted down some changes and dimensions, which went into the CAD art. You can get some pretty darn accurate templates this way. May not have the charm of a drafting table and arm, but it sure is sweet to print out a 1:1 copy of what you need. I have a 13x19" printer for larger stuff....maybe I'll actually use it some day! LOL





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Got the quote back on the gussets....Ouch! Each piece is about what I expected, price wise, but since there's 14 pieces per set of arms, it adds up!! If I were to sell just the gussets, I'd have to sell them for $100(plus shipping). Hopefully, they'll go together quite easily, saving me some labor....so I can keep the price reasonable. It's looking like $250 for a set. I'm waiting for the final order amount so I can give them a CC# and get the order started. I'll be dropping over $600 with the laser cutters today. I sure hope the other 3 sets sell! :o

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I got the 12mm bolts in from McMaster-Carr. I picked them specifically because 1/2" won't fit and 7/16" are too loose. These fit the best in the shock mount. They're 10.9(equivalent to grade 8), so they're more than strong enough for a shock mount.

















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hhmm....I didn't get any notice someone posted here. :(


Steve.....yes....they ship. Contact Nate Alexander. I got this contact from ????(slips my mind at the moment) who did the rear disc brackets for the 510's.





Wagonjon.... thanks. I do miss a lot of details, but I'm getting better at catching them before they're completely screwed up. I can't take credit for most of the ideas....I tend to get my basic idea from somewhere/someone/something else and proceed to put my tweak on it.


I do enjoy the evolution as I learn more. The challenge sometimes is putting stuff out there that I know is still evolving, but if I were to wait until I thought everything was perfect and as "evolved" as it could be, I'd never post anything. I really like to share that evolution with everyone else so beginners can see that it's part of the process sometimes to be halfway into a project and start over because you realized there's a much better way. I'm kinda referring to my 411 disc brakes. I was trying to put 280zx stuff on it until Icehouse suggested a rotor that just slipped over the hub....completely started over at that point! :) Anyway...... time for a couple more pics.



I used my new belt grinder to clearance the back edge of the plate. I think the pics give a pretty good idea of how I came up with the cut marks. The first/second arms will get built while creating the jig. Once they're done, I should be able to whip through the other 5 sets pretty quickly. In the second to last pic, it's hard to tell, but I used the sharpie as "bluing" and scribed over it....you just can't really see the scribe marks very well in that pic.





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Oops! I started to cut the first arm, noticed the cut wasn't where I thought it should be....couple hours of hemming and hawing and I've figured out that I have the position of the vertical piece a 1/4" in too far. I need to move it toward the wheel a 1/4" and widen it an 1/8". So.....it's going to run me about $300 to fix that. :( LOL!! The CAD program is only as good as the idiot running it! At least 2 of the parts weren't affected. Basically, the difference is that it would make the shock pocket a 1/4" shorter. I'm not sure I can bring myself to do that since the pocket is really tight already. It would hinder the clearance during upward travel. If the arms would run at the stock torsion bar settings, it probably wouldn't be an issue, but I'm expecting that the guys buying these want to run low. I may pull the chassis stub in the shop this weekend and check it out a bit further, but looking back at the pics from the previous set, I don't think it will work a 1/4" smaller. :( Pics later....need some sleep :)

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I'd rather it didn't happen, but can you imagine if I had hand cut all those plates and THEN realized the error!!! It might be a $300 mistake and a delay, but it only took a few minutes to edit the CAD art.


I took out the other pics with measurements to save on some of the confusion. I'll probably take more later, but this is what I have so far. I had my ipad in the shop looking through this thread so I could remind myself about how I held the arm in the saw. :)























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