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datsun jet boat

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I have a jet boat. Not a Datsun jet boat, but a 21' Metalsmith with a Chevy 350.


They are good for very shallow water- mine can run full speed in 18" of water (it needs more to float or idle) which makes it good for crossing sandbars on rivers and such.


The drawback is that jets are far less efficient, and they don't steer like a normal boat (particularly in reverse). At full planing attitude they're very easy to lose control of.

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Interesting..... Is the "Datsun boat" that was displayed at the Inland Empire Saturday night get together 2 weeks ago?


Here is the Jet story: http://www.castoldijet.com.au/history.html


There are lots of jet drive boats here on the Colorado River. I have ridden in a few. Yes, very similiar to the waverunners We all see. Most have the Berkley drive. I only wonder if Castoldi parts for something this old and small are still available. This boat is a very interesting project though. It would NOT touch water without all seals and the drive totally gone through. Generally what happens is people take a jetdrive in way too shallow water and start it. When that happens, the impellar receives damage from sand and rocks. If there is no longer an impeller available, You just bought something that is only going to sit forever in Your driveway.

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So how do You reach this guy? Do I have to sign up for MSN Hotmail? I'd really rather not, but I do have questions for Him. I am giving this project SERIOUS thoughts. Naturally, if anything in the drive is bad, then it isn't worth anything. The L-20 can be built all day, but not the jet drive if anything is wrong. You guys know of any way to reach this guy?

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