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Datsun & Old School Japanese Car meet! 6-5-09


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It's time again! The last meet was a blast and we had a lot of Ratsun'ers there... so we hope to see you there! All Old School Japanese Cars are welcome to attend! Come represent your favorite make and model! No attitudes! No burn-outs! Keep it cool!





Torrance Cross Roads


Near the In-N-Out


24445 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA‎ 90505






7pm until whenever everyone leaves!


We plan to have these meets every first Friday of the month so mark your calenders!

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haha yeah I just put my wipers on like 2 days ago, and it rained here in SB this morning. I checked the weather and its only 20% precip warning or whatever, I think we are fine. Its clear skies here. I'm leaving my house right now :)

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sorry i couldnt make it...i had a jazz band show i had to do. next time ill let you guys know in advance so that hopefully we can have a few datsuns in the parking lot! that would be sick!

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Was so much fun, met a few ratsuners, dropped off some wheels. Great way to spend a friday night, cruisin in the Z, and being surrounded in Dattos. :D


Got a chance to meet Megan, nice girl and into Datsun's!!! How cool is that!:)

She was nice enough to drop some wheels for me too:)


I'll try to make it next meet with my 12vy if I ever finish it

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dude, I actually remembered to bring my camera, and when I got there went to take a pic and realized I took out the memory card and left it at home. So I'm sorry I have no pics from the meet; other then a cell phone one I took before most of the people showed up lol but I guess its better then nothing?



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