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cold air intake on a weber

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I have been thinking about something like this too, it would be a great idea. Any time you can get cooler, denser air into the engine is a good thing.

The stock air filter just HAS to be allowing very hot air into the combustion. I for one would be interested.

Build a prototype and post pictures.

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Offenhauser makes an adapter also part #2748, $44. It appears that there is actually two different weber parts for this. Part #99010.357, $120 and 99217.090, $85. The offenhasuer part looks like it may require the use of another peice to adapt it to the carb.


Havent found them yet on the http://www.racetep.com site. I found pictures of all three of these on http://www.jameng.com


I like your idea of something custom, but i bet that it is going to be tough to make something much cheaper than these products, unless you can do your own aluminum welding.

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hmm that thing looks cool but i like my idea better, i will prolly try to improve on my design before anything gets made tho, like.. it would prolly work better if it were round i bet???


i want some word from some of the old school guys here.. the ones who've been there done that.. im not really lookin for a increase in power.. just efficientcy.. and i think it would help quiet the engine bay down some.. well that and an electric fan lol

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well thats jus a rough estimate really... nothins been made yet as im still doing some R&D plus i would need to find buyers, that one u posted is the best quality one i've seen yet, an it says it fits webers...


the way i wanna do mine is have a box on top of the carb, it may help condence and cool the air..

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