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Wtb 620 KC side window gaskets

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I need the window gaskets for the side windows in the extra cab portion. The little windows that are in the cab, not the window in the doors.

My truck is a 78 620 KC, my local glass guy can get all of the other seals but not those. If anyone has some they wanna get rid of or knows where I can get some at I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance, Steven

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there is a member doing that for us now, we are just waiting for the word to when they will be made. :D


I'll go search for the thread and post it up for you so you can get your order in.



heres the thread,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,.,.,.....,,,..,,//,,/...,,/.,, http://forum.ratsun.net/showthread.php?t=7300

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