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Nissan Freakmont BBQ


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Thanks for starting this thread, I knew there was another active Datsun forum out there.



Freakmont X (10)


Freakmont is an event by and for Nissan Enthusiasts.

From Minis to Monsters, Daily to Show to Race,

Anyone part of the hamburger family is welcomed..

* Nissan * Infiniti * Datsun *



May 30, 2009

LeMans Karting,

45957 Hotchkiss Street

Fremont, CA 94539


Hope to see you there.


Click the image for more info.

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That walk through video was taken later. But you had already left. How long did you stay for? I guided you in then went and got some more grub. And when I came back you were gone. And take it easy on Ethel. Shes very sensitive.

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we got there. parked. walked around the whole lot of cars 2 times and then decided there was nothing more to see since most there were 240s, altimas, maximas etc.

i wasnt talking shit about the truck. i was saying it is super fuckin low. dumbass low. lol. nothing harmful meant.

i saw atleast a few people taking pictures of it, so just wondering if it was anyone on here.

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