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NOS Energy Drink + Gas tank = FAIL

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I saw this a few days ago, I was going to post it, but I still have a hard time believing someone can be that stupid.


Me too.....

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but I still have a hard time believing someone can be that stupid.


Me too.....




i stopped being amazed by others stupidity years ago :rollseyes:




epic fail by post 34, over a million views already!!!



someone needs to make a poster of a GSXR tank and NOS drink, & better than the girl and the redbull !

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I think it's BS. The guy has like 2K posts under his belt so he's just being a troll. Like the guy who posted this:




... went on for pages and pages. Pretended to believe that this was a very efficient way to turbo a motor. People would post pages of theory and explanations trying to convince him he was wrong. It was .... stupid. Just like this one.

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Probably because he got the ball rolling and just sat back to watch.


Ya and continuing to post would just provide more hints of its falseness lol.


Hes either slick and has attracted more then a million people or hes dumber then a bag of rocks.

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Well I guess he figured everyone would call BS right off the bat if he said gas tank. There is no way in hell dumping like 2 liters of soda into a rice rocket tank is going to yield a drivable bike. It would either not start at all or start on the real gas left int he line then stall out.

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