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Super Charger 240Z

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Wanted to share my progress on my supercharged 3.1 stroker engine for my 240Z in progress. I am still new and not familiar with how to post photos directly here. I loaded them in my album, I think everyone can see them there. I am alos building a 2.3 liter kingcab 620 truck. I will have more photos of that project in a few weeks.

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I have been a Datsun man for almost 20 years now when my Dad bought me a 260Z. He dropped it off at my job and told me that was my ride home. I was just 16 with a permit! I had no idea how to drive a stick, so long story short 2 hours later (30 minute drive) I made it home. I cost me $200 to replace the clutch too! I met several of you at the IVZZC show last week where I had a booth set up for my Datsun Parts business. I have a website at http://www.datsunpartsllc.com and a ebay store too. I will offer you additional discounts on any item if you mention this forum. Al

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Definitely different, be interested to see that running and how much power it makes.


The supercharged L has been around a long time, there is even a bolt on manifold for it. Pretty well documented.


Whats impressive about this one imo isn't the fact that its super charged so much the great attention to detail and quality.

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