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Blinkers and fuel gauge help needed


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Ok, I will start with the blinker probem. First off my car as no front nor rear side marker lights. I turn my blinker on and the green arrow on the dash stays solid not flashing like my flashers. Its to my knowledge that they dont work because without the other four bulbs I dont have enough draw to get the flasher activated? Am I right and how do I fix this. If not whats the problem? My flasher? Do I need to wire bulbs in the trunk just to get the resistance for the flashers to work?



Ok and the next question is I notice my fuel needle isnt working....it could be the obvious fact that I have only dumped at the most a gallon in it while in the project stage but I wouldnt a gallon make it move at all? How can I troubleshoot the yellow wire at the tank? (OHMS?)


Thanks for the input guys hope to be at the meets by next spring with my car......

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Does your temp gauge work? The reason I ask is that on my 71 521 there is a little regulator on the back of the gauge pod, plugs right into the board, and if that goes both the fuel and temp will not work.


I took my regulator apart and cleaned it, and it still didn't work. I ordered one from nissanparts.cc, plugged it it and everything worked fine after that.


Not sure if it would be the same on a 70 510?

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i dont think the temp gauage and gas gauge has anything to do with the blickers.



do you have the emergency flasher swithc installed?


I dont think mine worked either when it was removed. Im just going from memory But i know my blckers didint work woth it removed.


Make sure bothe Flasher cans are installed.


look up in the haynes manual page 181 on the wire diagram

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Its to my knowledge that they dont work because without the other four bulbs
That's right. They won't flash if two bulbs are missing. Sometimes even if one bulb is out.


wouldnt a gallon make it move at all?
I doubt it.


No worries. Once you get the car working again (all the lamps fitted, gas put it) it'll probably work just fine.

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Ya both flasher cans are installed......Im thinking the system just isnt getting the ohm load to activate the flasher unit. Im thinking I can replace it with a different flasher that requires les of a load to work. I could be wrong, I havent had a chance yet to throw two bulbs in the trunk where the sidemarker wires are and try it out. I think thats what Ive heard some guys have done. My flashers work.

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Well, I wired in two bulbs in the trunk to see if it made the flasher work and nope. I then plugged the turnsignal wiring into the emergency flasher and the worked very slowy but blinked so Im thinking its my flasher thats bad. Does anyone know if I can purchase one that takes less of a load than the stock one to work? Also is the one installed stock? It Has a _l prongs on top of the flasher with a adapter to make it like this l l ?

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As for an electronic flasher. It isn't load sensitive and flashes at the same speed. Even the small bulb on a test lamp will trigger it.




Ground the Yellow wire and the tank gauge should read full. Check that the sender wires are solid and the tank grounded.

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Ok, I did ground the tank wire and it reads full but I dumped a couple gallons in it and it still doesnt read? Bad sending unit?


I got a new turn signal flasher and it works but its really slow? Any way I can make it blink at a faster rate? More bulbs on circut? Let me know

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