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Jun 27 2009 Greenwood Car Show, Seattle


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wow, what great cars. Everything from Diamond T roadster to Tesla roadstar. Fantasic car show, 76 dgrees and sunny.


I counted seven Datsuns and one GTR.


Steve's 521



1500 Roadster



1600 Roadster


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Yeah it was a really cool show. I just love looking at the strange and rare cars. There was a boat-tail auburn there and I don't think I have ever seen one before. I had several matchbox's of them when I was a kid and always thought they were cool. The GTR was cool as I had never seen one in person. They look smaller in person. I think next year I shoudl clean my patrol up and bring it! It would fit in and catch some people's eye. We'll see. Needs to be more datsuns!! ;) The ones that were there were cool though! Oh and I saw that electric 1200 "white zombie" or whatever it is. Man that was cool. I have heard so much about that car, and to finally see it was very cool.

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