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Xterra 17" wheels on a 620

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Has anyone here put the 4 spoke 17" Xterra wheels on a 620? Found a good deal on a site for OEM wheels and was hoping that someone had put a set on their truck so I could take a look before splashing the cash...


ive never seen that but you can get the wheels off a nissan titan and put them on your 620 you might have to do a little modification cause i noticed the previous person who has the rims on the truck grinded them out a little to fit

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Careful with 2005 and newer Nissan truck wheels!


The bolt pattern changed to a smaller diameter 6-lug on most, if not all trucks for Nissan.


I love the older Frontier "Supercharged" 17" wheels. Wish I had a set to hold for a future project...


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That wheel is the wrong bolt pattern to bolt directly onto a 620. It could be done with adapter. That wheel is a 6 on 5" pattern, while the 620 is a 6 on 5.5"


The earlier xterra(02-03) wheels are what i am running 16 x 7 with a plus 40 offset.


Bleach, i agree about those SC wheels. I have watched for those to come along cheap.

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