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Stainless 521 Tailgate Latches

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Thats right. Stainless 521 Tailgate latches. Exactly the same as normal ones but no rust! Dunno how much I want for them. I guess I just don't want them to go to scrap with the rest of the truck.


dont scrap them.. 20$ shipped :D

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No guys these are stainless cause this truck has sat out in the rain since 2002 and I live near the coast. so these are stainless. There really light too. but anyway here are the pictures


This one is using nightvision because the truck is currently in the back of my garage.


Let me know if you want them. personally think they are out of place on this truck. They are the only shiny part on it:rolleyes: but whatever. Maybe you guys have more crome that might go well with these. The original owner was sooooo proud of them it makes me laugh just to look at them.

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