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What grinds your gears?!

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Having to wait a few more days before i can go get the Honda Helix im buying. It has a carb issue and is in the shop. Oh well, a few days is nothing on the 9 years ive already waited.

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Guest DatsuNoob
watching someone downshift a dogleg tranny into R from 1st :eek:





and his boss!



:lol::lol:HAHAHA, some people's dad's just shoulda wore a condom.

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people clustering on the freeway, all going the same speed with no way to go around them.


people braking on the freeway to slow down with no one in front of them.


people that slow down because the freeway is about to slightly curve.


people that eat and do their make up behind me in morning traffic.


people that drive with one hand, using the other to smack dat, in the air and sing a long to the radio. WHILE ALONE!

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