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620 redrilled for 5 lug

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I had the local machine shop redrill the hubs on my '73 about 10 years ago. I think they charged me like 300 to do it, that included new bearings. I still have the whole set up, I took them off when I sold the truck.

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So it something that pretty much any machine shop whould be able to do....?


Any machine shop should be able to do it, whether they would or not is another question. I had them drill it for a 5 on 4.5 lug pattern if I remember right...so I could run the wheels I had on my toyota.

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I am going to convert to ball joints, disc brakes, and toyota 5 lug on my 77.


First I need my 77 to have 720/D21 spindles and brakes. To do this I am going to get these:




Then use spindles, calipers, and lower control arms from a D21.


Now I need to get it over to 5 lug.


This is were I take the D21 spindles and have them machined to accept the Toyota PU hub and roter. Local machine shop? No way. This guy:


John Yoakum laynrockers@gmail.com


has been doing it for years, his price was $110-$120, don't know what he charges now.


So bam, there it is, all of it. Ball joints, Disc, and 5 lug.


If, you bought all new parts(Roters, ball joints, bearings and seals, everything except the lower control arms and the hubs), this is going to cost you around $600. But, that is all new stuff, I'm sure it could be done using used stuff from the local pick and pull for a lot less.

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I don't think that Tacoma hubs will work. And don't try to find bearings and seals to make it work without machining the spindles. They will break.


What breaks? The spindle? The bearings? The hubs?



I did a quick check on rockauto to confirm my memory.....the '87 Toy hubs use the same inner outer bearings as the '87 nissan. So, the only real question is the length of the spindle and the backside clearance. There's a ton of chevy years that use the same too.

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I used a bolt on 6 Lug to 5 Lug conversion spacer on my truck. It costed me $75 on ebay. I can use any 5 on 4 1/2 rim, (Nissan 350Z, Mustang, GM FWD, DODGE FWD and RWD, etc.) on my spacer.



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Well it depends on the offset of the wheels you are using.


These are my 18's with 215/35/18 tires.




These I just got in the last week, 17" with 235/50/17 but they are obviously too big for how low my truck is.




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It rides a little ruff because I have the torzen bars unhooked in the front. I can tolerate it, I just drove it on a 600 mile one way trip. I think the truck handles good on corners, I rarely have to slow down for any corner unless its a 90 deg. Its comparable in handling to my Miata, but I think the Miata is just a little better. As for the hood, I bought that hood for a junkyard about 5 years ago. They had 2 trucks, I only had enough for the hood. I came back the next week to get the console, doors, fenders, anything I could think of but they crushed both trucks. It was a big disappointment.

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Yep, I've been happy with the hood so far, it needs work in places but overall its decent. I paid $40 for the hood.


Back to wheels, I'd like to find a set of lightweight 17" or 18" wheels that are 6 lug. This seems impossible to find. I like my adapters but I think to get onto a road course, the wheels have to be bolted directly to the vehicle without spacers or adapters. I'm nearly ready to build my performer motor for my truck.

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