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Figured I'd show off my 521 after working on it tonight


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Finally got to toss a lot of my new parts on it tonight.


Love it or hate it, I think its amazing by epic proportions.






















Will post more pics and info tomorrow, its late and I need sleep haha

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Wow, that looks great! flare and the fender mirrors complete the package!

did you cut any of the original metal when installin the flares, or just put em over?


IMHO, lose the rear bumper! looks super fast except for that!

nice work:thumbsup:

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Nice work man! At first i thought those wheels were just covered in brake dust but I remembered your other thread. I really like the black centers with the brushed edge against those black flares, really nice contrast.


A roll pan, i think, would tie it all in nicely but at that point you have to figure out what you're going to do about tail lights.



sick, keep it up.


by the way you inspired me to grab some 71 Colorado plates :)


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Thanks for all the compliments guys. I had this vision in my head of what I wanted the 521 to look like and it wasn't like anything I had ever seen, definitely hit the mark with this :)


As for lowering it, its 3" dropped in the back and I have very little clearance. Amazingly I don't rub in the front at all and there is more gap than there is in the back so I'll probably go .5-.75" lower in the front once everything is finished up.


As for the rear bumper, I was all about it when the truck was stock as it fit the old truck, but now that its lowered and flared my feelings are up in the air. I do like it black above though. I may also try to source a part of factory rear bumpers.


With the flares I rolled and pulled the fenders/quarters and then mounted them up.


The headlights were painted with Krylon X-metals Yellow

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Dang man, that is AWESOME. I've had 4 520/521's and I have to say I LOVE the look of yours. Those wheels and flares make for a streetfighter 521. I would agree to loose the rear bumper, and personally I'd find some bumperettes. They'd ad to the JDM look of your mirrors. Leave the ride height alone, looks perfect where it is.

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