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my new 521's

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Well there was an ad on craigs list a while back. I wasnt going to post anything or say anything until i had the titles in my hand but i cant wait anymore. I am picking these up Wednesday or Thursday hopefully.


I am unemployed and shouldnt really be spending the money, but i think parting out the second 521 should bring me back to even, plus my 720 is up for sale for 650, or 400 without weber...


one is a daily driver, other is a parts rig. both run and are tabbed, l16's and 4 speeds.


The daily driver he said only had some surface rust in the bed, nothing major. I got these pics earlier and not sure why the shifter is on the floor along with a starter. well see : (but he said it was a daily driver so not sure what the deal is...)


Looks like the daily driver needs some sanding in the bed and bed liner, vacuum job inside, a dash pad lol.



Plans for the daily driver,

Put l20 in,

Dogleg or a 5 speed at least (already have dogleg tho)

new dash cap

door panels

drop it down

Sand the inside of the bed and put some of that bedliner in there

Think ill keep the paint thats on it and just rock the shit like it is. Looks cool i think.



As for the parts truck, i know a few people interested in parts. Id let the whole truck go for 400 dollars. seems to be in good shape no cancer that i seen right off. I will part it out, datto510 has dibs on the driveline. another person in WA wanted some front end pieces (msg me i forget who you were lol)



parts rig will be at a friends house, so they need to go quickly so i can get it out of there.


enough BS, heres a few teasers



[Daily Driver]





[Parts truck]

but its drivable too. Has tabs n everything he said




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