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i splooged my pants at Star Trek

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I like how he jumped that 240Z across the canyon. Oops, spoiler alert.


240Z, that was a corvette.


I saw it twice. And because of the time stipulation deal, it created an alternate reality and maybe some how, starfleet got a boost in technology for that era.

but this time around, spock will prevent romulus from getting destroyed which won't cause the black hole which sent nero back in time and then the time line will be restored as it was. :D its just that we have to wait another 40 years when they do another star trek TOS remake.

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I saw it last weekend. I cheered when Beastie Boys came on. Although I had one of the most annoying people sitting next to me I've ever had to deal with, anything emotional (funny, scary, thrilling) had to be met with some obnoxious loud noise. The person was an old lady too. Not even a teenager.

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Dude I was 17 when the original was on TV. :D


But, yes. I liked it very much. Way better than the last over-hyper ironman,indianna jones... whatever. This had great special effects that weren't noticable, reasonable plot stunning sceenes and wwas a lot of fun. For the first time in years I feel I got my money's worth!

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Saw it opening weekend. As a long-time Star Trek fan I went in knowing that the "Alternate Timeline" would mean big changes.


I thouroghly enjoyed it, for once it wasn't a bland, sanitized Rick Berman mess. That's how you make a Star Trek movie; the last 4 movies (all the TNG ones) were nothing more than an extended TV show not worthy of the big screen.

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Seriously, the enterprise, ESPECIALY under picard would completely wreck up the entire star wars universe. Wookies would be running around on fire, ewoks blown through the air... it wouldn't be pretty.....




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No doubt shat was cooler but picard and his crew in that enterprise was way more capable lol.


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So there must be a connection here with Datsun and Scifi.

I liked the look of the new enterprise. The bridge as as advanced as the cardassians built Deep Space 9, yet the engine room looked like a hull of a steam boat. LOL gave it a more realistic look then some tube with a light show going on. They musta been going for the BSG look.


And now for your viewing pleasure.


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