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411 Exhaust Manifold, Excellent, $25, Seattle

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I think it is for the R series.

It is for the RL411 type R 1600 cc engine, however it is missing the adapter section that goes from a two port to a single port for the actual exhaust tubing. The adapter has a heavy ring around the single hole which mates with the flared end of the tube to the front exhaust resonator [pre muffler] under the 411. The gasket between this manifold and the adapter section has long bee not available, however 2 510 exhaust gaskets can be cut so that they fit very well. The stud is for a brace to the engine block which bears the weight of the manifold. If missing, which is the usual case, the brace is easily fabricated from a piece of tubing or conduit with a few blows of a hammer and 2 holes drilled to match this stud and the tapped hole in the engine block.

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