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New band.

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I got a headache from listening to just 1:38 mins.


to much screaming, what are they Fnn mad about..


I'll stick to Led Zeppelin, Iron Butteryfly, Kid Rock etc etc etc..

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I am a metal guy and tried to get into it, but it wasn't quite there for me.


Opeth, Mastadon, KAtatonia, Burst, Thrice, L.O.G., Samael (ols skool) is where it is at.


This just fell a little short for some reason.


But thanks for sharing!!

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thats what i said lol:lol:

its not bad, but its not my cup of tea, if you catch my drift



You are in CA, have you ever heard of Tourniquet? They were a late 80's metal band out of the LA area. They had three good albums until their drummer changed directions and the original lead singer dropped out. Gary, soon followed the guitarist. They were a xian band, and still are i guess, but they rocked. when I gave away all my xian cd's i kept their first CD.

There is one band i could relate old skewl turniqet too, but i can't place the name right now.

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I remember Touniquet I think. I had a friend in highschool who had some 'christian Metal' I heard their cd once and remember it sounding like VIO-lence. Which was a great great great metal band. (though it might have been Exodus, but I am pretty sure it was Vio-lence.) Hmm I should try to dig out my old violence cd it has been too long!


My buddy had this limited edition vinyl Vio-lence EP record that had this slipcase that was some sort of clear bag with fake puke in it! Soooo METAL!!!

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