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help with timing

matt w.

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i thought i blew a head gasket it turns out my head was warped and the dude before me thought it ok to just put a new gasket wel it held till now. anyways while i had it apart i thought it nessasary to replace my timing chain sprokets and tensioner but now my timing is off and the car wont start:(


please help what do i do

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A good start,



watch that :D



Should tell you every thing you need to know. Take notes if you need and give it a shot! Take pics along the way in case something goes wrong. I just built mine after watching that video, havent started it yet but it looks just the same as hainz did



dont forget to send hainz $10 bucks for fixing your car lol

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remember that all donations are a tax write off..



yea right, tell that to IRS.... :D





now watch, someone will be searching for "IRS" and come up with this thread. lmao

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i dont know what factory torque is?



Best bet, get a nice clean surface on the head and the block. super clean and smooth. Look for any signs of cracks or warpage.



after making sure its super clean, and smooth +flat. Get a head gasket, you can buy this copper spray stuff at your local auto parts store. its around 8-9 dollars depending, maybe less



Spray your head gasket with it, both sides. let it sit for about 4-5 minutes andi t will tack up. after doing that put it on the block, line it up, then put the head on and make sure its still lined up. it will still be sticky



once you do that, you torque as followed starting on the SPARK plug side


Torque bolt one, then two then three etc, as listed below. And torque it in 20lb increments up to 60lbs. 20, then 40, then 60...


10 6 2 4 8

*9 5 1 3 7

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oh yeah, i just did my first engine build off some guides on here, and hainz' video. super easy man. i watched his video again after build and realized i missed a step (didnt put some oil in the oil pump before re-installing)


but thats easy enough.

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(didnt put some oil in the oil pump before re-installing)


A new Motor can be a Junk motor pretty fast


Yeah i heard you say some people end up finding metal shavings in there oil afterwards. I havent put hte motor in anything yet its still on the engine stand, so itll get some in there before it gets ran :D

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I think the Honsowetz book says to torque head bolts to 70. But that is 'race spec', and using the high spec 'turbo' head bolts with the groove in them. I stripped my new oil pump before putting it on the motor - it was also full of fine aluminium shavings. I washed it out with paraffin. Pretty poor quality control sending out brand new parts without cleaning them...

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I torqued my L20B head bolts to 55 ft/lbs, trying to compensate a little for possible wrench +/- readings.. Check the guide below, it states 54 lb/ft for L20B. That guide is as authoritative as it gets, IMHO, especially considering gaskets made with newer technology.




I found this link from the Victor Reinz website, BTW.

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Guest DatsuNoob
dont forget to send hainz $10 bucks for fixing your car lol


10 bucks?! :eek: WTF! He got me for $20 and halfa pack of smokes back when I was trying to fire up my old L20. :D

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1. Make sure you dont' have a Printo-Seal gasket.

2. Torque in factory pattern, and factory steps. to factory levles.

3. Head and block face need to be absolutely clean. No oil or water on either.

4. Head bolts and bolt holes need to be absolutely clean - no oil or water in the bores. And bolts should not be oiled.


Blown or leaking head gaskets 10:1 are caused by not following these steps. Not by 'warped' heads. Nissan says the head can be warped 0.004 inch and still is acceptble.

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