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Electronic Dizzy and Old Weber Carb

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I have no use for these.....


The Dizzy is for a 4cyl L motor. The numbers on the side of it if needed are

D4F5-06 5304A 22100 N5800

I was thinking $50.00 or trade for parts





The Weber carb is a 32/32 don't know anything about it. I figure maybe it's good for parts or ? There is a tag on it that has this on it... 771F AA A 9J 26 and the base has this stamped in it... 32 DGV 15C

I'm thinking $15.00 or trade for parts....




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That's a remote igniter dizzy and is no good without the remote igniter box:





... A GM HEI module can be used in it's place.


D-mike, thats the dist. im using in my 620. A HEI module can be used & the wiring is EASY.


I was not aware of that. I just had it in a box of parts. I learn something new every day.:D So what's it worth how it sits?

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dont matter to much


weber carbs are mostly universal, you would need to get an adapter for the intake and either get linkage package for what you have or improvise and make your own :D



i have a spare weber adapter plate

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