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Sound system for 521


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I have a 1970 521 and I am taking out the sucky radio system that someone put in and I am going to go backwards... I am putting the orginal AM Radio system back in it. Does anyone have an idea or a picture where the Speaker went?

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nice work, interested in how the finished sub box looks



The reason i ask is i have a 10 inch (non shallow) that i have sitting on a shelf since i couldnt figure out where to put it. Here are the kicks i ended up making. I was thinking about remaking them for more cubic feet tho...





heres the brand new sub just collecting dust...



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cool nice pods.. i would leave them i am 6-8 tal and these are a little in my way. your not gonna gain much in the way of mid bass......the box goes up under the dash where the package tray goes and still will allow me to ride shot gun without interference.....Hopefully in the next month or two....

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pic of the box and you can almost see where it goes here up under the dash....pic includes a different floor pod for a 6-4-tweet set up


I love your idea on the sub box I have been racking my brain on where I was going to put my sub, I was going to put it under the seat but I would have to lose the seat adjuster. Do you happen to have the box demensions? Thanks for the great idea hope you dont mind if I copy you.

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I wont be able to get pics or dimensions anytime soon. i been on baby watch and my friend hans is doing some work on my truck at his house(kinda a baby shower gift for me.........i will see if he can shoot me the measurements...its his design ...hes the audio guy and I'm the paint, body and suspension guy....I do some audio but hes way better than i am ....if anyone ever needs anything custoim built we have done all my sound systems together he built the box for my chevy for 3 8" in a standard cab...we both worked at car toys for a long time so we are well versed on working together to make things sound crisp......should seen his 510 stereo it was bad ass.

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