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My 74 B210 introduction

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Guest jaimesix

Nice B210.


Where do you reside at? Asking because the grille is a non US version grille.

Nice ride. Nice fiber glass parts for a B210. Where did those body parts where gotten from, if posible?


I like B210s / 120Ys :)


More photos, more photos, more photos, more photos.....:)



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Guest jaimesix
I'm from saskatchewan canada... the grille was bought to replace the OEM one with the car when the rad support was replaced last year.


Sorry I only have the one ;) and I need it


more pics here



Cool photos.


It is a full race B210. Very cool. What suspension do you have?



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In response to those grills, I was out on the web this last week and came across a site that was selling all sorts of B210 Grilles including the type on this car I believe.


Don't ask me the where/what/who I just remember seeing it a photo with lots of Grilles in it that were for sale. I could have been searching for 120Y, 1200 or Sunny on ebay.

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I am trying to track down a tang drive cable for my distributor driven tach - I've been unsuccessful to this point. - does anyone here have any idea?


You might try a motorcycle application as many older ones used cable driven tachs as well as speedometers.

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Sweet looking ride man!! 210's baby!! As far as the grille, there is a guy on E-bay who resides in Kuwait and sells these grilles for $150 or $200 shipped to the US. Search 120y or datsun 210. GL.


ya, but the ebay guy doesn't have the one underdog's b210 has.

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Nicely built B210 race car. :thumbup:


I see that the brake booster has been removed and that the master cylinder has been moved over to clear the twin side draft carbs. I had to do the same thing on my B210. I swapped in a brake pedal from a B13 SE-R to accomplish this. There is a thread about it HERE. Is your brake pedal the original or is it custom/swapped?



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