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I've been thinking about this for a while...


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Agreeing with what Phirus said. :lol:





Weaver that car is the shiznit. now all you need is a white longbed 520 pick up for uncle jesse, a crappy looking yellow kingcab with a big bumper on the front and a lift in back for cooter, two 710 4 door sedans for rosco and enus, and a white convertable z car for boss hogg, and a patrol for daisy.:D

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there was and might still be an orange D50 running around with an 01 on the doors. there was a ford thunderbird mid 90s that was orange with the 01 on the doors too. but it got painted black. there is one charger around town that I know off thats decked out like the general lee, for the most part. and I even think there might be a ford truck with the same scheme. so yeah, its been over done in this town. like i said, just wanted to see what it might look like. :D

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buddy of mine did it. But sadly i laid the general to rest about a month ago.


may the general Rest in Peace :(


In his prime




Beaten and Broken after 3 neglectful owners this is when i had him about back to stock, after i rescued him and tried to save him


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