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I Armor All'ed the dash pad and gauge surround just now...

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holly Ratman, is that a NOS dash....... SWEET :drool:


but I don't think I would have Armor All'ed it because now it's going to crack.


I remember awhile back or several years ago Armor All got sued because it destroyed/damaged people interiors like seats and dashes,,, not good stuff but to each his/hers own....

also read on ratsun recently, where someone put it on their perfect 620 dash and later it cracked it. sorry not to burst your bubble but thought you should know.


if you can find a way to get that chit off, do it..

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If you stock dash pad is hard, but not cracked, use some vegetable oil on it. It will soak into the dash and soften it back up. ;)


I poured some dash conditioner (stuff in green bottle, like f2 or soemthing like that) all over my dash and let it soak in, I repeated it till It would't soak up anymore, looks pretty good.

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Mineral oil works very well on old dash pads, makes them more pliable. Let it soak in for a few days, repeat. Works best if the dash is out of the car. Baby oil works too. I used the mineral oil on a 521 dash, and it was noticeably softer after a few days.

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Ditto that. Mild detergent and water, clean, wipe off. Armor All sucks! Turtle Wax makes some nice products that remove Armor All.


zrgh, you guys makin me do all this work..


I cleaned it with dishwashing detergent and a wet paper towel.


I really need to do something with my car...


been trying to research a digital speedo and odometer on the cheap side so I can keep the factory speedo face.

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