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so i had to go...

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...take a pee test today for a job that im gonna get. i finaly got an interview at a verizion/ alltel wireless call center. im gonna be technical support. the job starts at $10 hour and is 40hrs a week. i havent had a job since february of 2008, so its gonna be good to have a job again!


now im gonna have some moneys to work on the datto finally! might even try and find another.

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congrats Farmer, you couldn't have found a better place to work, I noticed awhile back on the stock market that verizion stocks were going up which means they will be around for quite sometime.

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Man it is good to see that someone out here is finally able to go back to work. i have been looking for steady decent work now for the last 14 months, only finding the fast foods type of work around here. but i got good news that i have finally been approved for schooling to get re-trained for a new vocation,, gonna try my hand at commercial driving, been told it is one trade that will never go away and is always in demand. Hope that all goes well and you pass the tests for this job, you deserve to have that rainbow shine on you for awhile. keep us informed as to how the job process is going.:D:D:D:D

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well got the first week of training down. 4 more to go till they put me out on the floor. i got to pair up with a seasoned agent today and listen to so phone calls he did. some people are just dumb lol.


oh yeah, im not working for verizon either. i work for wds global. their based out of the UK and are contracted out by Verizon to do tech support and those kinds of things. good place to work too!! they've got benefits i can afford to have and all kinds of other good stuff too! so it looks like i have found my place to work for a long time! i hope lol

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