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selling my 71 510

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Its a project, there is a thread of what i have done so far... i cannot support it financially anymore:(, so i need a new home for it.... Other projects have taken priority... I am asking 700.00 with a bunch of extra parts for it...No motor/tranny or front seats but otherwise complete and with bunch of extras...


















Pm me if you think i am asking to much or if you are interested.... Or to tell me i am an asshole, i am having that kinda day.... :unsure:

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"no motor/tranny"

What's the fan connected too? :lol:

That's pretty clean considering all the parts it's missing. good luck finding a buyer.


Its a rotary, that i am pulling out for another car...

Its only missing engine/tranny and front seats, all the rest are in boxes and around the shop.....

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If you were in my area I'd give you 700 for it, but only because those wheels look like they're worth 200 a piece.

Wanna ship it to Sc, lol

hehe... not to me. They're pretty basic but better than stock stealies...


crap, only $500? ... :blink: not bad at all

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Price was good @ 700, even better @ 500...im surprised no1 has snatched it up??? if it was close to me it be in my yard already....good luck~


12 hour drive for me one way. If this was closer I'd pick it up as well.

Good luck with the sale Joe.

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how bad is the trunk and floor rust is there holes how are the rockers


The trunk floor has some good oxidation, a few little spots showing through, but nothing major, the bad rust was in the qtrs, and they are still needing some attention. The rockers are great. Thanks

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