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Who's relayed there head lights?


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Well I'm having head light issues (see pics) I saw someone write a how to on installing relays to help keep the draw off the switch and make the lights brighter. So if anyone knows where that post went please post a link or if you've done it please give me a walk thru.


Thanks Ledevil

Yes that's my headlight fuse :mad:


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Relays are pretty easy to wire. You need a fused lead straight from the battery, your positive lead from the switch, a ground, and something for the power to go to (IE your headlights) Most relays you buy at shucks in the foglight section have two 'outputs' on them. This means you only really need two relays to do the whole system.


Oddly enough here is a diagram and instructions from an Audi site I havent been to in years. http://www.humanspeakers.com/audi/headlight-simple.htm

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Sweet thanks, just one question he says use the white and yellow wires now would these be the ones to my stock switch? I'm aware my wires would be different colors I just want to get this clear before I start my wiring.

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It's not hard to work out which wires to use to trigger the relay: take a 12v test light; connect one end to a good ground, use the sharp point to probe into the yellow and white wires, while you switch the light switch on and off - when the test light goes on and off, you got the right wire...

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There is no need to do this for stock 35W or 50W round headlights. For H4 bulbs, sure, go ahead.


Occasionally a Datsun wiring has problems with stock headlights, but you can just solve that problem by cleaning all the connectors, use electrical contact cleaner spray or sand rusty connections.


Yes, if you use a relay it will work too.

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