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Engine coolant cooled and oil lubed alternator

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Anyone familiar with this style of alt? I was pretty high at the time, it blew my mind lol. I would say maybe I'm just not old enough but I work on 70's all the time this is 80s. I'm diesel ignorant though maybe it's a diesel thing, pretty sure I've seen them on other diesels. Still can't fathom why though besides I guess longevity? You would still need to change the brushes and recoil it though after some years.




Look at all those banjos and how they tapped the block for the oil feed with a banjo coupling in between? lol


Check that cluster fuck of a banjo up top which I think was coolant but looks vac? Or both maybe. Someone school me please.

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Little bit of a wild guess here, but is it maybe a diesel motor with a vaccum pump on the back of the alternator that has oil lines for its bearings?


Dodge/cummins has vaccum pump mounted to the back of the power steering pumps for many years and ford has a small vaccum pump belt driven too.

The vaccum is needed for the power brakes and sometimes HVAC controls.

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You know now that you say that the vac makes perfect sense. Still the oil seems over complicated no?


Either way that shed some light for sure, thank you.

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Looks like the pressurized oil comes out of the head and down to the pump and drains back into the pan... somewhat like a turbo. So, how does the oil get to that side of the head? Down from a cam tower??

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Thats a good question. I loaded the block for scrap today and the head is in my basement. I'll check before.


Why didn't they just use an accessory spot to drive a vac pump like so many car manufacturers do with air pumps for smog? It just seems like trouble to combine it with the alt so that if there is a problem with one you have to remove twice as much.


On a side note the head is cast lol, L series cast iron head. Pretty cool but that thing has to weigh over 100lbs.

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I have never seen that hanginging off a nissan/ dato. Only places I seen it hanging off toyota motors . I just figured good onya toyo your right up there with mitsibushi cars, if you can figure a way to overcomplicate things you'll do it. couldn't see the point of all the engineering involved for what? so I didn't take an interest in it.

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thats an oil cooled vacuum pump for the brakes. my buddys diesel luv had the same type of alternator.


Sometimes it's easier to use something already out there. Maybe Nissan bought them from the same manufacturer rather than re-inventing something else.


I think the first year GTO used a Ford tranny

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the 65 GTO was the first year to used the Dearborn top load 3 speed trans, Pontiac quit putting then in the GTO's/Lemans sometime in the early 70's and went to the muncie trans.

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