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Jay's 72 S30

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I thought I would do a project thread here and let everyone break my balls like I do theirs.


The day I got it home nov 06, started tearing it down. Cost me $600

to my door. This is meant to be a total grass roots project. Low budget, and simple but with as much quality as I can give.






Then I started cutting out rust (which there was a lot of, I only took pics of maybe 25%) and areas I wanted shaved. The cuts are really sloppy, I was just hacking at it really, I want back after to plum everything up and make patching easier on myself.






Then began some patch work and bondo.





I decided I'm going to try and run a rear diffuser so I mocked up and welded in my own rear to accommodate it.




POR 15 is the greatest shit since sliced bread so I tried to por as much as possible.






For the suspension I welded up my own adjustable coil overs with parts from A1 and jegs. For the brakes I used yoda 4 pots up front from the 4x4 pick up and s13 rears. I can't imagine needing more then that lol. They came out pretty good imo, I threw in a before and after pic.






For paint I went with JD tractor paint. It fits the grass roots style of this build lol. Painted outside too, worked well......

I used their primer, its pretty damn yellow. It helps show areas needing more coverage or attention though so cool I guess? Wet sanding the paint SUCKS, its thick as all hell. WAY more then conventional multi stage.







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Then I wet sanded the hell out of it and ran 6 more coats and called it done.





I started putting the trim back after that. Threw some wheels on too. They are AR's 16x8 front and 16x9 rear with brand new bfgs. I scrored them in ct off craigs for 400 bucks. Cant beat that.



So thats it so far. I'm getting bacl to work now, sat I picked up a l28et and 5 speed. When I break it up I will take more pics. I also Scored a aluminum boat fuel cell that fits PERFECT in the altered rear and allows me to use the stock fill without mod :-O. I have to take pics lol.

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with the rust issues you had, some people would have shit canned the Z. glad to see your fixing the issues and its coming along nicely.

repairs and paint look great. keep it going.

I've never have seen a out door paint booth quite like yours,, me likey :cool:

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Thank you for the kind words guys.


I was out today breaking down the ld28 so I snapped some pics of the l28et I hope to drop in. There is a pic of it from when I got home too just because I like to see an engine strapped in max lol.


The guy says 30k miles on a rebuild. The head has been off, I can tell that much just by looking so far. Cost me 350 bucks and it was 100 miles away, I can't loose really. The trans that came with it is n/a but w/e I'll use it with stock mounts and drive shaft until it grenades then maybe go with a ka or a BOLT ON 6 speed I have been planning.


Tomorrow if I can I'm going to remove the accessories, clean them up and check it out well. See what I'm working with.






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The NA transmission sounds like a good idea. Much easier install and I don't think they're as weak as some might think.


How far do you plan to take the turbo engine? or do you know yet


Ya thats what I'm thinking since it came with the package anyway. It saves me the time and money of having to do a custom ds and trans mount. I don't think they are that weak either. I mean There are people out there running built n/a motors, stroked, high comp 150-250hp etc running the s130 and even the s30 5 speed without trouble.


I just want the car running so stock. They say stock 180ish? then it will prob see like 160 actual lol. then I would most likely up the boost only a couple lbs and add a IC down the line. So maybe 200hp max.


I have a spare f54 block and I'm coming into a decent number of ld cranks so if anything next winter I'll build a fresh 3.0 motor to bolt a hy35 or a t3/4 and the whole deal.


So easy to just type, lets see if I make it happen lol. It's almost embarrassing how long this project has been going on compared to some.

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So the brakes had been sitting dry for so long that I felt the need to rebuild them. I also wanted to repaint them a better way instead of the caliper rattle can paint I did before. Like the pot smoker I am I left the rear caliper adapters on bare so they rusted right up, that needed to be fixed as well.


To paint I used the por15 caliper paint kit, was 35 shipped on ebay. It has its up sides and downsides. I was going to do a minor write up about it but imo its too micky mouse.


Here they are stripped after a thinner bath, toothbrush scrubbing and in the pic itself wet with etcher.



Hanging around, my basement is officially a junk yard.



Before and after reassembly



Ready to go, I think they look pretty dam good. This is one coat of base "anti rust" and 3 coats of "red" lol. Thats all the por can says "red", psh. It was 2 coats but it's literally impossible to rebuild painted calipers and not screw something up so I did a light 3rd after.



Fronts mounted, the soft line is just a mock up, I want to paint the clips.



Rears mounted, I need a 2nd male/female adapter and again I want to paint the clips so I left that soft line loose too.


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I also got some goodies in the mail from pallnet. 2.5" stainless down pipe with a 2nd bung for a wide band and a finned 11mm o ring fuel rail. When me injectors come in the next few days I can start hitting up the motor. I would like to have it ready to drop in by next Friday.


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Thanks Phish :-)


I got the masters in, the door hood and hatch hardware too. Not really anything major but it looks good and things stay closed now lol.


New s130 15/16 brake master and new clutch master


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I spent a (very annoying) few hours cleaning up the tranny today. If you look at the before pic up above from when I brought it home I think it came out looking damn nice. I have been working on the intake/exhaust mani too I'll get picks up soon.



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To get the thick oil/dirt stuff I use high test gasoline and various brushes like tooth brushes and what not, then various wire wheels. It works well if you don't have a media cabinet/hot tank or are on a budget, and it also gives it a semi gloss shine. Just takes so long to get every nook and cranny (3 hours). Cleaning with gasoline plain sucks too.


If I or who ever wanted next it could be polished. I just wanted it really clean because I want my z crisp, not trying to be a show car so it's good enough for me as is.

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