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tricks to re-install motor?


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I just spent 7 hours trying to get the motor I re-built back into the truck. What a battle.... I have it hanging from a hoist with chain bolted to the head, with a jack under the gearbox. I think it's hanging up on the edge of the pilot bushing - which is now chipped by the shaft... The last motor I worked was my old Landcruiser - it's motor is twice the size of an L18 - but took 5 minutes to get back in. There's got to be an easier way. Any advice?

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Well the clutch alignment tool only centers the clutch, you still have to match the splines with the input shaft on the trans. Unless I have been doing it wrong all this time? :-X Entirely possible lol.

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Got it back in. Had to take engine mountings off chassis and block, and drop the exhaust to make space. Only hope the bits of chipped pilot bearing don't get between the clutch disc and pressure plate when I start her up...

thanks for the replies

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