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Turn signal problems, help?


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I went out to test the lights on my 620 a few minutes ago, and realized that the turn signal flasher doesn't work. The hazard switch will turn on the front signal lights (the side ones don't light up, I'll have to check tomorrow to see if it's the bulbs) but they don't flash. The turn signal switch on the column doesn't operate the turn signal, but it does work with dimming the headlights, so I know that the whole switch assembly isn't bad.

My question is what could be causing this? I'm assuming that the flasher unit is bad, but I wanted to get input from the professionals on here before I dig in.;)

Also, if it could be the flasher unit, where is it located? Would I have to take the dash off to access it? Thanks.:)


EDIT: I have the bed off, so the rear lights aren't plugged in. Don't know if that changes anything, but I thought I'd mention.

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The reason the signals don't flash is because you don't have the rear lights hooked up. The flasher operates with current, by heating up an element inside the flasher can. With only one bulb, it's not enough. There are 2 signal bulbs in each rear housing, for a total of 3 2.1Amp bulbs, and the dash indicator which is under 1A. So instead of pulling around 7 Amps, with the rear lights disconnected you're only pulling around 3A. Stock flashers usually need at a minimum 4A to blink.

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That's why when a bulb burns out the flasher slows down or stops, and why you get excessivly fast blinkers when towing a trailer (unless you get a "heavy duty" type blinker can). Of course there are blinker cans that work the other way, and go fast when a bulb burns out (see that happen on GM products). The original NILES blinker cans are far better than the ones found in American cars of the same vintage, most of mine are still original but in my Domestic cars I was always changing the things every 3-4 years.

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