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71 510 wagon 4x4 !?!

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so i have been waitin awhile to post on tis wagon cause everything i have done up until now has been the same old same old. swapped in a good running l16. lowered it 3 inches n the back an 4 in the front. lager sway bar. new seats. new wheels ect ect. but i will finally make my dream a reallity. so here are a couple of pics on how she s begining.











so i have been tryin to find either a free or realy cheap 4x4 chassis to work with and i had tossed up many ideas until last weekend i looked over the fence into my nieghbors yard( not as creepy as it sound) an saw a rolled 89 isuzu trooper. the shell was completely stripped but after i talked to the owner i found out the the veicle was rolled up in seattle an towed back down to portland , and striped of all the parts they deamed salvagable. but it still has front and rear difs frame and stearing box. the chassis only has 2600 miles on it. so i asked im what he was doing with it an he said nadda. so i asked what he wanted he said 20$ I said sold. so on tuesday her jouney will begin. i will post more pics as this gets closer to being on the road. but the only problem is i need a divorced tranfercase an the mini driveline so i can bolt it to my l16 an truck 4 speed. i am extremely short on cash so i am askin for a little help. i have lots of 510 parts to offer an alot of ka24e parts on hand(like 3 motors worth) so if anyone is interested in a trade or really want to see a knarley 510 wagon go where no yota has gone before let me know. i live in portland oregon. i am about to decomission my only car for the time being so i am limited on travel distance but for the right price i will really try to work something out. so any one parting out a 720 4x4 shoot me a pm. bt i will post more in the up comng weeks. an rolled a set of 35s up next to her in hopes to inspire :cool:


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So you are going to set the wagon onto the Trooper frame and install your motor /tranny? Measute the distance between wheel wells to see that they are close to the trooper wheels. If they don't fit the wheel wells it will look weird. The body should sit high enough to clear the tires this way. The 720 has a divorced trans case that would work. They also have a short primary drive shaft that will spline into your 4 or 5spd tranny.

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nobody is buyn anything. i had my 2dr my 4dr an my wagon all on craigslist but nothing. tons a people call an are interested then no one comes threw. i still have the black 68 4dr. i need to sell it bad


Had interest on you 68 car but it's far from complete.


Your short in funds right on getting the other 2 Datsun completed.


That 4x4 conversion will take more $$ and you'll ended up with another incomplete Datsun that won't sell.


It would be interesting if you do get it completed though.

I'm about to post my Patrol for sale soon.

Lost interest on it, don't have the resource to get it running.


Your wagon on a Patrol frame :rolleyes:

That has never been done before at least not to my knowledge.

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i got a 2dr quarter. they are all the same. i just dont want to bother. the only thing that will run me is a t case. other wise its all there. an on the 4dr i dropped a motor an trans in it today. i just got to put the driveline an trans mount in an she will fire. the motor is a running l18. i just need the space. i would sell it as is with motor for 700

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I'm shuld be picking up a 4x4 720 this week all i want is the tranny the rest i will get rid of cheep!


i would buy it for sure but i dont got a rig that would make it past salem. let me know what you want for it an we can try and work something out

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I'm shuld be picking up a 4x4 720 this week all i want is the tranny the rest i will get rid of cheep!


:mad: id take it...if i had a place to work on it :cursing:


i want a well done 4X4 goon!

ive been looking more at early toyota frame/body swap, if i cant get a VQ AWD to work :P

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I did get the 720 4x4 last knight. looks good let me know if still interested in the chassis, if not i will part out. i have to install moter and tranny in race truck first then i will post some picks, it,s still on my car trailer.

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