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510 JDM Grille...in my 521?

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3 questions...


1. what the heck is this grille??:blink:?





2. Where do I get one?:confused:




3. Can I make it fit my 521...meaning...has anyone ever done it or seen it done? :cool:


I know that I am absolutely and 100% rippin off 72Dyme's car here...but I hope he doesn't mind.


It just looks really great...thats all.:D


Maybe someone out there has pics of one of these on a 521...maybe someone out there lives in Japan and has one of these grilles and some fender mirrors just sitting on the floor in their livingroom that they want to give me.:lol:


Maybe you guys need to send me more pics of this kind of grille in action on your car...or someone elses that you ripped of like I did.:blink:

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FWIW, the 510 and 521 front ends are not even close to being the same. They may look similar, but that's as far as it goes. All the bracing behind the grilles, the mounting points, headlight buckets, core support, *everything* is very different. Not saying it couldn't be done, but there'd be a heck of a lot of work involved.

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Still prefer the 68 grill


Is there any variation of 521 grill?


I have a 68 grille hanging on the wall of my garage.:D I look at it all the time, maybe thats a good idea to hold me over for now.


Hey...thanks for the input.:) So, now I know what it is, where to find one, how much they might sell for and what to expect if I pursue it.


Yellowdatsun...I knew even asking the question that there would be a load of little mods. All that stuff you talked about is really not that big of a deal on there own, but taken together it will be a larger struggle.

Time consuming maybe, but some welding and fab work wouldn't freak me out at all. Even if it came down to swapping the front lip of the hood.


I think that after seeing the Ute from NZ I am more focused on just what it would take to make it happen. I totally see this as very straight forward. I took the entire front off of mine and can see what it might take.


Now...to find one laying in an old car at the JY...that will be the trick:rolleyes:

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Yeah...this thing is really sweet...same one from earlier though...seems not too common. I have switched gears and instead of another body re-do and mods, I am headin for an interior re-do. I found an almost perfect rear bench seat out of a 1964 Oldsmobile Super Delta 88 Wagon...:cool:


Seriously now...when I get picks...ya'll are gonna be like:eek:


mint condition and really,,,,REALLY cool.


Got the door panels too and some other interior parts that are going to be freekin awesome in my 521...look for a thread soon.


Here is a phone pic from the JY...the car had an inch sized spot of rust...thats it. Shoulda been a fixer.



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