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new 620 panels here

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google parts train. they have front valance, bumper, hood and fenders for the 620 tuuck.


may be worth a look for other models. but i didnt find any thing gor my 89 buick.

i got the new front valance for my datsun 20 bucks pls 19 ship

but it is nice,

now i have a fender and front bumper on the way



they list a brand new hood at 100 bucks, plus ship, so avoid the ebay dudes.

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for some reason when I go to look for parts on parts train the rest of the site don't show up just the top menu stuff. Glad you found this hercules, I need two new fenders for my 79 KC and a drivers side for another truck. how much are the fenders each?

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i wonder how many parts they have on hand,

the front valance i got looks pretty new almost like it was recently stampped out.


it has a couple spots that will need a little adjusting, but it sure looks better than whats on the truck . now

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Well hello, they have door handle bezels for 11 cents. I'll pick up a few and maybe sell some on ebay (there are some selling for $8!!)

I could use a new front apron as well...


great, thanks for making it harder for others to get good deals, make sure you buy them ALL! :mad:

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If you dont have any good or fixable fenders around these are a good deal... If you have a line on stock ones though the OEM ones are WAY better.

The areas around the headlight dont look quite right, and one of mine has all but one of the mount holes in the wrong location. The wheel radius is a tad different too. The front valance takes a bit of tweaking to line up with the aftermarket fenders... but it fits the stockers all right. Also the hood doesnt line up quite right, by damn near 1/4." I scrapped mu old fenders when I got these and now Im regretting it.

Theyll do for a rat but if your looking for NICE... save your money and get some original ones... even if theyre a tad dented up or rusty. You can do a lot with a body hammer, a dolly in a few minutes. just tap lightly and keep the dolly square with the metal.


Oh yeah, the bumpers... I ordered two and was happy as a pig in shit about it till they arrived... crap chrome, tack welds not ground on the EXTERIOR of the bumper where the corner mounts attach and one of them was off kilter by about 20 degrees... Better than nothing but damn... I told them to send them back I wasnt going to pay money for them. Ended up finding some in a junk yard for less anyways...


If youre in spokane you can order this stuff through Spalding imports and pick it up there and inspect it prior to taking posession. Makes it easier to return if its junk and you dont have to pay to ship it back.

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