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Datsun truck 521

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Has anyone put a 510 frontend on a 521??? If anyone has a datsun 510 core support I need one.



How about you just put a 521 core support instead of a 510.

Why would you want to do that anyway




I have if your looking for one

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This seems to always come up from time to time. The general consensus is that it's WAAYY to much work to put a 510 grill on a 521. I've owned both, at the same time, and could compare them side by side. They are TOTALLY different. Plus, seems to me it would be a waste of time, since they already look so similar. Way to much work for almost no gain.

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Ya IDK how I'm going to do the frontend but right now I'm more worried about fabbing the suspension and the drivetrain/engine in. Plus I'm not to shure if I'm going to keep the factory core support singe mine is crased I'm trying to figure out how to fit the intercooler I'm using into a small space while not having overheating issues standing still. I'm thinking I may mount the intercooler in the center and run slanted radiators with ducting on both sides of the intercooler.

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How's about we see some pictures boss? How the hell does one obtain an S14 SR for $400?

You got any links to 521 pics that have 510 fenders? I've never seen one.


Where are you located? I got a friend that has a 510 front clip for sale.



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The truck is almost stripped to the frame and I tore down the sr today to do new bearings, rings, gaskets, hg, arp head studs, and stripped the valve cover and the intake mani to powder coat them green.







Can kind of see the Evo8 intercooler just need to trim the back of the headlight buckets to get it to mount flush








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All ye Datsuns listen to me and listen well. See yonder line of bricks in the dirt, Be for warned,this be a line of death! Behold the fate of those who do not heed my warning! AHHHH hahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahaha!


Sorry, the thought just crossed my mind, Good luck with that, looks ambitious. Z

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