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620 bad roof

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th roof on my 620 is a mess, it has at least 1/4 inch of bondo ton the passenger side, that has cracked and rusted underneath.


i am thinking on just cutting it out and leaveing a good edge rolling the edges and braceing them, and doing a open top w tonnau cover for bad weather.


it would be so nice with no ac in the summer to have a open roof ratsun.

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My father built a roof scoop for his.

If the holes are in the right spots, maybe you could do double roof scoops?

that way they could be opened individually, based on who ever is riding or driving wanting some air or not.

I dunno.

Just an idea.

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i would love pics of a open top 620, im not thinking conertable, just a removeable top. if i take a photo you will agree is just too bad.

unless some one can help me find a 620 roof.


datsun did not have dealers here in wyoming so they are super rare here in the junk yards.

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the roof is crushed in, like kids jumpped on it, and it had previous damge fixed with bondo, just pictrure the roof cuy open just the top, leaveing a 1/2 inch area for the cloth roof to attach. keep it factory just take the sheet meal off the roof.

i just need to cut her out a little bigget than that split sun roof, and do a bikini top.


i would love to just swap in a 280zx t-top, but i dont think they would work


i can weld and fabricate, so this will be a interesting job.

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My 74 is all dented up on the roof as well. I plan to use one of my other trucks for a roof skin doner. I have 2 trucks I can use the roof off of. Depending on what I do, I might be able to sell one of them.

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