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1974 620 with a 1975 wiring harness

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Not really. For one the headlight relay on the '74 was moved inside the cab on the '75. There is probably more. I think the plug shapes changed around this time so the some of the things like dash lights and wiper switches may not plug into the new harness.

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No 2 years are the same in 620 wiring harnesses, though '72 -73 are close enough that it doesn't matter, and teh same goes for '76-77. You can make a '72-73 and a '74 work with some changes (the main difference was the dual-points in the '72-73). '75 was a "transition" year as far as wiring goes- it has some of the earlier type plugs, and some of the later type, and is pretty much a unique beast. But it's closer to a '76 harness than a '74.


Of course, you can make pretty much any year work if you pull all the switches, relays, modules, etc with it.

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Hi slam_dat_sun,


You might look at these wrecking yards. I know the west side yard had some 620's in it last month.


Pick aPart web site. Look for printable 50 percent off coupon or Tuesdays or Thursdays is half off.


As allself serve junk yards these charge an admission fee per person. No one under 18 is admitted.


Pick a Part main website:



Coupon website:




Pick A Part West

3125 W. Broadway

Phoenix, AZ 85041

602 243-5400


Pick A Part East

120 S. Extension Rd.

Mesa, AZ 85210

480 461-0900




Hope this helps,


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