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what iz a 1975 280Z worth ???

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I'm not a Z guy but do like the looks of them, I have the opportunity to purchase a 1975 280Z model # HLS30, FI L28 w/auto, AC, AM/FM radio, white interior, blue exterior. I check the rear wheel wells, front lower fenders, rear hatch and tail light panel, floors for rust and there in good condition. What it will need is front windsheild, dash cracks repaired, drivers door glass, new seat covers and foam and door panels, body work on passengers fender because of a dent, front and rear filler panels between bumper and body, paint, tires, battery.

Anyways, here some pic's to give you kinda an idea what I'm looking at. I'm going fishing with the owner tonight for a couple of days so I won't be able to respond until we return.







Also would like to know what years are interchangeable with the 75 Z's if I decide to buy and make a project out of it later down the road like next year. The owner has told me what he wants for it but I thought I would ask you Z owners what you would pay for this Z. Any info and help will be very appreciated....

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man, that things rough. if the bodys in good shape rust wise thats a plus for a full on project but I wouldnt pay more than $500-$600 for it, theres still alot of work to do on that.


as far as interchangeable, any drive train from 1970-1983 you can use, but as far as interior ect your pretty much narrowed down to some things from other S30's but mostly just later model 280z's.

check out black dragon, and MSA (thezstore.com) for new parts. and CL for used stuff, Iv got a stash of Z parts too if ya need anything.


also just noticed that engines been tinkered with in the past, notice the block off place at the far back of the intake, EGR should be there.



lol and its an auto :D

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I'm not sure what it's technically worth, but I'd offer around 500$ for it.

The body seems to be in pretty good condition, and from the restoration projects I've seen, they're worth quite a bit.


What will it take to get it running?

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I'm not sure what it's technically worth, but I'd offer around 500$ for it.


lol its only worth about that much



What will it take to get it running?


from the looks of it its been sitting for a while which wreaks havoc on the EFI, itl have to be completely gone threw to clean out any old gummed up gas from the tank to the injectors.


and who knows the condition of the motor, electronics, trans, rear end, ect.

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from the looks of it its been sitting for a while which wreaks havoc on the EFI, itl have to be completely gone threw to clean out any old gummed up gas from the tank to the injectors.


That reminds me, I need to work on the mustang 289 in my 69 Larson boat.

Needs to be totally flushed.

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:) maybe I'm cheap...


If it was running then $500.


non-running, and setting like that for so long with a stupid AUTO its a $200 car.


In Washington you can drive a car home in that condition for $600.


Ya I agree with you, that's a 2-300 dollar parts car at best. Depending on scrap prices at the time its bought and the cost it would take for you to get it home.

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I would offer $6-700 that car may look rough, but chassis wise it looks fairly strait and clean, also dont be fooled by these guys saying the EFI is trashed because it has sat, i took a 76 280z that sat for 18 years and got her to fire up and move under its own power in three hours. these guys are just being cheap and opinionated.

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Thanks guys, I appreciated your comments and thoughts on the Z.

He says he will take $100 for it ( he just wants it off his place) so I think I'm going to probalay scarf it up for that price. I can't go wrong if I decide to sell it or part it out but I hate parting out a complete car but will if I can't sell it whole..

I'll be going up to his house tomorrow and see if I can get it running and moving under it own power first before I hand over the mola. Been sitting for 13 years.

Since this has FI, is the fuel pump in the gas tank, I assume so but just want to make sure, if so I'll drop the gas tank and clean it, clean fuel lines and check the fluids, take a compression test, check rubber hoses, etc etc etc.

skib, I'll be in touch once I get the Z home and get time to see what is needed. Thanks

Oh and for the fishing, it suxed, wind blew most of the time, rained off and on 2nd day and only caught 2 catfish, 6 chisel mouth for bait but still had a good time. going to do it again when it warms up a bit. :D

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CONGRATS, you really can't go wrong for 100. So much for "cheap and opinionated" I would have called the previous opinions educated and not ignorant like some/one.


I wouldn't even bother parting it out if you end up not driving it, not much on THAT car worth the time. You could flush it all out, crisp it up and make a couple hundred on it pretty easy, or beat the piss out of it until that tranny grenades lol. Again for 100 bucks there is no wrong.

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Yeah, I wasn't eager to buy it when I saw that it was a auto but the price makes up for the down fall of the auto.

is it a pain in the rear to convert to manual. just thinking lol



parting out will be a very last option but dought that will ever happen.


even if the engine is bad, I might just put a spare PONTIAC engine I got under the shop counter into it.

seen a guy drop a 440HP w/727 into a mid 70's Z years ago, was a fun ride but he couldn't keep his foot off the pedal and rear tires for long.... :lol:

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Converting to manual isn't bad at all imo, on a 100$ car no one can really argue it either lol. You need....




petal set



flex line from master to slave, you can use the original hard line but a flex is just so much easier.

5 speed

drive shaft


Couple hundred bucks and a lazy afternoon, it's strait forward.


I would say get it running well, if you do then go for it.


You could always jtr it too lol, lots of options.

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everything has a price, pm me your offer :)



I'm also concidering contacting a person that has about 4 or 5 goons and was going to see if we could work out a deal.

I want a goon badly.

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out here in california you could easily get more than what you are being offered. the fact that it's a 75 makes it smog excempt here in cali, for more desrible than a 76 or 77 car in better condition.


ever since governor terminator repealed the roll over 30 year excempt status for cars smog testing, all prices of cars 75 or older have shot thru the roof.


i would clean it up a little, and then flea bay it.

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if you were closer i would be all over it. i have a cummins 12 valve turbo diesel that's not doing anything, i have been contemplating swapping this engine into a 75 or older z, since it's smog excempt. anyway, good luck with your sale.

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yep I should but I've already paid him for it. Probalay when I get it home, I'm just going to sell it, I got enough shit going on and I just don't need another money pit.

anyone interested in it, it's got a rust free body, only dent found is the right front fender, seat covers need replaced, windsheild replaced. bla bla bla

it has a automatic so that makes it very rare. :lol:


won't last long. :drool:

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Guest DatsuNoob

Honestly that's kinda what I was thinking. I mean, I love my Z, but I dont think I'd ever buy one for $10k+, unless of course it was one of those factory restos they did on the 240 back in '98. Even then, a 25k price tag for one of those is a bit steep IMO. The only reason I know the value is, the chick down at the DMV had to check my purchase price against the value of the vehicle in the guide. Went back as far as 78 but no 76 on there. She went to the phone and called the state to check on it, but no luck. I told her several times it was the same body as a 78, she finally gave in after stalling the line a good 20 minutes:eek:, and transferred my title.:rolleyes:

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