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are you ready?

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didnt people learn anything from jurassic park



that couuld be a datto not a pos ford :eek:

dont worry, the army will take care of any dino hunting in case things get out of hand, hell a 100 round belt of 25mm rounds should be enough to take one or two out, then we always have artillery just in case.

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Grow the herbivores for food. Japanese will eat anything and this will save the whales. Bronto burgers.... 'tastes like chicken'.


Why the hell would you want to anyway? Except to prove that you can?


My favorite recombinant DNA alien is Natasha Henstridge:



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Guest jaimesix

Someone tell the Chupacabras there is a new kid in town, the next generation of action movies......from Godzilla vs the ice breath flying turtle to "Chupacabras against the rebirth of the Tyranossaurus Rex":)

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