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my ratsunesque tonneau cover

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after getting my truck all cleaned up for a local show for this weekend i wasnt very happy with how my bed looked. the paint was scratched up pretty bad from hauling stuff, well not that bad but i wanted to cover it up for the show. i knew i still had a big sheet of bamboo mat laying around. well, a couple hours and a few beers later, this is what i came up with. :D



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Cool, literally. Does it stay down OK on the freeway or have you tried it?


Love that font on the tailgate. Is that the stock lettering?


i havent driven the truck yet with it on so im not sure. also i dont like to take the truck over 60 due to the gearing so it wont be seeing too high of speeds. there is a simple framework under it made by thicker bamboo to hold it down. it is the stock lettering stamped in the gate, i just taped it off and sprayed it.


Looks good Chase where'd you get that Bamboo stuff from?


i got lucky to find it because my grandma was moving to a retirement center and had a garage sale and i spotted it before the sale started.

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I like it but then again im partial to bamboo :D What holds it to the frame?


i figured you would really like it. it is actually zip ties that hold it down. they arent too visble though except for the ones on the bed rails but you dont notice what they are unless you look very close. it actually isnt very easy to remove and reinstall but i was mainly wanting to find a way that was quick and dirty because of trying to do it for the show. the ones that connect it to the bed rail hold it tight across.

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gotta love it, that is ssssaaaawwwwweeeeetttttt, gotta love the bamboo inner struture, wonder if u could convince some one that it is an oem factory option?!:D now all u need is some bamboo/ rice stalk floor mats and u got it made in the shade, with og factory options,:lol: :lol:

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