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My "NEW" 67 520


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Well I have been searching for a truck for some time. I put my 70 Volksrod up for trade and really did not like the offers I received. So I decided to buy one since all I received were project trucks. At first i was looking for primarily pre1980 Fords, Chevy next up. Well I came across a 1967 Datsun 520 for $400 and could not resist temptation. So I went out to Athens GA from Duluth GA. to pick it up Friday April 1st and drove it home to Duluth GA, That is an hour drive. I have to admit this is the first time I have ever worried aboot breaking down With nothing around for miles.


My buddy came from Athens GA. picked me up and took me to the truck. I have to admit it was a little more tattered than I would have liked but the dive home it ran like a champ. It even pulled hard up hills. It hiccuped a couple times but nothing real bad. It also has been sitting for at least before the bad pollen we get here.


Enough babble on with the pictures,


















It has a little rust probably less than any thing that was offered for my Beetle. The rockers and cab corners are solid.








This is some kind of custom brake light that is hooked to a house light switch to manually turn it on/off.



I do not know what direction I am going to go with it yet. Right now getting the cancer cured is the most important.

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4/2 - 4/3


I pulled the driver fender and door off today and started welding. It got dark and I did not get pictures of the work today. It basically was some patch work on the fender well. I have to get that work so I have something to weld the new floor board on. I am a cheap bastard so I am using some metal shelving I got from work. It is a little thicker than the car metal. Luckily there is only one 90 deg bend and the floor is straight with no reinforcement.


I got the drivers floor welded in and its almost as good as new. Sorry I do not take a lot of pics cause that is time wasted when I could be working on the truck. I will try to get a couple soon.

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I took the passenger door off. I also started welding in metal at the battery tray. Also at work today I sandblasted the drivers side hinges. I got the passenger hinges off but will not be able to blast them till Monday. I also looked to see what how bad the cancer is to the passenger side floor board. It is nowhere near as bad as the drivers.

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BTW: ive got a good running J13 for sale if your interested in a spare motor, motor tranny and all


Right now I am just trying to get the cancer fixed. The motor runs pretty good right now. I am more worried about how the Master Cylinder started leaking so bad. It is all over the floor and garage floor. I think it is the plastic fill but I have been welding to much to look at it.

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Its good to see another GA boy building a datsun!!!!!!!! I live right over here by stone mountain, not to far from you.


There seems not to be a lot of people on here from Georgia. So far my count is 3 You, Wever(sp?), and I. It seems most are Westcoasters.

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There seems not to be a lot of people on here from Georgia. So far my count is 3 You, Wever(sp?), and I. It seems most are Westcoasters.


Seeing as the early datsuns were all imported to the west coast, not too many made it this way. Im not sure which way your headed with this project, stock or custom. If you going custom, i may have a few things you may want. My air ride frame is also for sale:






Not sure if your interested, but i figured id throw it out there. Im deff not using the J13 so if you run across the need for any parts just get at me. I also know of a few local resource for "un-obtainable" datsun parts that i would gladly turn another east coaster onto.

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I am going to keep it pretty stock for now. I might do a few things to it but for now I need it to haul trash and for when I go to the Pull-a-Part. Transmissions/motors do not fit in a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle worth a damn.

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the scene over here is getting bigger. we have about 60 cars at most of our meets. next one is july 4th, and the GA international horse park. i'll post it in the events section. thing is out of the 60 or so cars there is usally about 5-6 datsuns! all vintage toyota, mitsu's etc. we need more datsuns! well neil already knows this, because i saw this over at IA too. you bringing the truck out on the 4th? i'd love to see a 520 in person.

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I would love to have a Datsun only G2G somewhere close. That way I could pick the heads of people more knowlegeable than I am. I do not know to much about Datsuns but I have a good understanding on how stuff works.


Here is how far I have gotten. Would be faster but I work days and the wife works nights. With a 3 year old using welders, grinders, and other loud power tools it makes it hard.


Drivers side all done







Half way done with the passenger side.







Still have the floor pan to do. It is not real bad. I hope a couple patches will be good.





Took a couple things to work and sandblasted them.





I by no means am a pro body man. So please be easy on me. I am not looking for perfection. But I also would like it to be easy on the eyes.

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