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Simpson Stamps and Covers ..

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Hi y'all ,


I am a bit of a Simpson's collector and was wondering if any of you kind Ratsun folks would be able to purchase a set of Simpsons stamps and covers and send them to me . I would like a complete set sent aswell as a stamp used on the envelope being posted .

I am more than willing to pay for them , aswell as postage to send them .


Please let me know if this is viable and what it will cost me for your service ..





Thanking you kindly ..


Cheers Phil ;)

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Hi ,


Too easy , i can paypal the $$ to you whenever .


I just need to know how much ? ?


You may have to go to the post office and find out what a whole set (all the different ones) would be , and wether they have "covers" aswell ..

Maybe see how much a sheet of them would cost too ?


pm if needed ..


Much appreciated


Thanking you ..


Cheers Phil ;)

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Ooooh , i just found them on the USPS site , i will see if i can order through them ..


I will let you know if i cant ..


Thanking you ..;)



edit .. no international shipping ? ? ? Bugger ...




pm on its way ..

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$35.20 for the complete set of four books.

Do you want only one complete set?


$12.95 for a large envelope flat rate international


I dont' collect these, but I think I'll buy a set just to use for the next few months. They look cool. :)



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i saw those one day when my mom was doing something at the post office...then i saw the Edgar Allan Poe stamps, i got them....but then i lost them.....now i'm sad and want to get new ones, but i don't know if the post office still has some

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I dont' collect these, but I think I'll buy a set just to use for the next few months. They look cool. :)


i do the same thing. buy 2, use 1 stash the other.

makes the value increase for the collectors ;)



still havent seem em at the local PO???

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