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Refinishing rims ?'s

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I saw someone do a walk threw on how they refinished there rims and made them look new I think it was Pacific Coast Datsun. But I can't find the post now now so does anyone have any tips for cleaning these up to look almost new?



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Those look like the sand cast Libres [rough finish on spokes]. If so i took a small wire wheel on my drill & spent bout 1 hour on all 4 spokes..this is after i had to remove the red paint w/ remover...



i even did the backs......


Ive yet to sand & polish the lips on them. Heres 1 of the Z rims i did for a comparison...



then wet sanded with 320, 400 then 600 grit & polished with brown rouge on a buffing wheel on the drill followed by Mothers polish by hand...



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