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L series Turbo Question

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Ok so im thinking of building a turbo exhaust manifold and running a suck through system for my new 510, my question is i noticed on alot of the pics ive seen of L series turbo motors there is an aluminum block under the carb? what is this for?

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That alluminum block is a connector that was rigged up to connect the carb to that turbo. The lines going into it were for coolant to keep it cool under the added heat. (not completely nessasary). I had it all running but the turbo has a bad seal and blows oil. else i would be tuneing it right now. I decided to go a differnt route and put on duel 38mm's with a 220 intake.


The whole kit is for sale if you want it.


Comes with carb, spacer, turbo (blows oil) stove pipe exhaust manifold, connectors and intake manifold. The only thing it may need to work is a wastegate. but if you were to put on a newer turbo it would probably have an integrated one. Ill let it go cheap.

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