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Bleach - thanks for the link.


Yep - this is crazy. I'm sitting having a coffee break half way around the world with my co-workers in Switzerland, and we just laughed our heads off.



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I put a miata battery in my little girls pink jeep, it fit perfect just had to put on some clamps - that 9volt to 12volt was some juice! i wish i had video of my fat ass doing wheelies


I put a small 12v lawn mower battery in the one I rebuilt for my neice. :cool:




That reminds me, I have the parts one in storage still. :D

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A few years back we put dual batts, full frame and 2 more motors on a power wheels,then we wrapped the tires with some old deep lug tires we had laying around it would hold a 225lbs guy and could climb just about anything.I wish i could find the pics of us at our power wheel show down lol when we live in Spokane i came across a group of guys out at the O.R.V park that had modded power wheels and would have hill climbs and races it was alot of fun


Damn i wish i had it still you guy would roflaoing i will dig thru some pics to see if i can find em

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This stuff takes me back about twenty years. My son had a old three wheeler that the battery had shit it, I had it in the shop at my house hooked up to a BIG battery charger, The wires were hidden, a buddy came in and as allways sat his ass down on the kids toy ..... :eek:


We did install a small tractor battery and the kids had a blast!

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