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Shasta past opinions

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I am looking for opinions on the RIP Shasta, for those who have gone to the event in the past. What where your likes and dislikes on the event. If you where to have an event like Shasta again, what would you like to see done ? Swap meet? Car games? Autocross? Track time? Poker run? Tours? Car show? Dinners? lunches? Things for better half's to do? Etc. Would the Datsun commumity have a problem with opening the event to other makes of import cars, such as pre "75"( old school) for example?



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Having driven 1000 miles *EACH* way to Shasta 4 times, I have a good idea of what were the reasons I wanted to keep attending: The car show was huge for me because it was a way for me to see how everyone puts their cars together. I also loved the HUGE swap meet, we have nothing like that in AZ so I always brought extra cash to bring stuff home. I also liked the dinners and available lunches. Plus the autocross and Gymkhana were fun.


What I didn't care much for was the poker runs, or tours.


It'd be hard to open a large event soley to Datsun's again I would think. If you were to do imports, I would probably do pre-85, similar to what JCCS has done.


Another thing that you would need is to have it fenced off, and make everyone pay an entry fee, in addition to the fee for each event. One of the reasons Shasta failed eventually was because of too many people just showing up to watch, and not pay for anything. I know I did it the first year I showed up.

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I liked it because anyone could walk in and enjoy our cars. I did it one year as a observer and 4 years with my car. The split of the roadsters in the early years made the show what it was, and the roadster show what it is. The events like autocross got to be time consuming. It was fun but it was open to any car. It was santioned on the circuit for those guys.


I have been thinking about starting a new show, but here in Shasta Lake City. It would have to be next year, but I was thinking a run to Shasta Dam and take the tour with a show in town. I would rather do the show at the dam but I think the national security guards would frown. Also the local autocross club has use of Shasta Speedway in Anderson and I could join the events for those so inclined. But I was thinkin you'll all be on your own as far as food. It's too hard to please everybody's taste.

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Thanks! I have been working on getting the CNC mill setup and haven't been playing with Datsuns. I will be getting back to the wagon project now that I found a new roof to replace the tree damaged one. I did not won't to do any more work on the IRS for the wagon until I found the roof. Guy's, feel free give me your input on a possible meet in Reno/Tahoe. What would make come to the event?



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