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timing problem?


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So, last night I got the head on, and set up the new timing chain just like in Hainz's vid. Tried the cam sprocket on no. 1, 2 and 3 dowel settings. But the "-"mark on the fixed plate is at least 1mm/.040" behind the "v" notch on the cam on all 3 settings. I did it over many times - checked that the crankshaft dimple is right on the bright chain link each time, and no.1 piston is at TDC. If I understand it right, this means the timing is ADVANCED on all 3 settings? (both head and deck were skimmed .020" - so it should be retarded if anything?)


It looks like this:



Maybe the new chain is too short? Can I go ahead and set it on no. 1 dowel?

any advice?

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Be sure that you are at TDC. Each hole on the sprocket is 4 degrees, try retarding the cam sprocket by one tooth and try again. Each tooth advances/retards by 9 degrees. This may get it closer because of the head shave.

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Do you have a Jap sprocket???

could you maybe find the old sproket and set it up on there?


I noticed on the 3 L20s that I have seen the V is always slightly to the right(adv) of the dash. meaning the V is still is still under the dash but just to the right of it. If so I would just run it.



Do you think maybe the guid hole for the pin is oblong. or undersize pin?

I seen that on one of my sprockets?Other sprocket fit tighter




I forgot what motor you have. But if you have a L20 motor is it possible you have a L16/18 chain?? But 2 links difference I dont think its possible???????????L20 was a export only motor sold to the USA and Australia. I dont know about S Africa. The L20 is a taller motor sompared to the L16/18/24/26/28

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Thanks for the advice.

I will try moving the cam sprocket back a tooth, and use a thin screwdriver through the plug hole to make sure of TDC. I think the timing kit might be the problem - it looks pretty roughly made (Tonii), and the tight side chain guide doesn't even fit in the head opening.

It's a standard L18 motor - which I'm really enjoying re-building. Much easier than a Toyota...

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I think the timing kit might be the problem - it looks pretty roughly made (Tonii), and the tight side chain guide doesn't even fit in the head opening.



Most jap chains I seen will have the brite links. and if you look closely will say Japan on there. and the Sprockets will have 4 holes.


As For TDC I put the front cover back on Loosely and use the timming pointer.

But it nice to have the brite link on the chain cause then it make it idiot proof and just put the brite link on the dimples on the sprockets. So you just move the crank or cam so slightly to get on the dimples and pretty much DONE.


Then spin motor around and bact to TDC around and see where the v notch timming is.

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