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slodat's interior projects

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As I mentioned in another thread I have recently started dabbling in interior work. This is something I have wanted to do my whole life. So I finally took the first step. I picked up a great industrial sewing machine. Made an awesome 4' x 8' work table. Blew a bigger wad of cash than I could really afford on a bunch of trimming supplies and tools. And this is where I'll post up whatever I come up with.


The machine and table:





My first project was the subwoofer box and rear panel refinishing in my 620 KC.



Next came a set of floor mats to match the carpet that is going in the KC.



As I have gathered up raw materials the ideas have been coming faster than I can get them down on paper. My sewing machine can pretty much sew through anything. I had cut a blank for a 620 kick panel out of panel board stock a few days ago. I picked up a great piece of lipstick red vinyl the other day when at the upholstery supply distributor. So, today, I experimented with sewing the red trim directly to the kick panel board. I like the effect it created. The panel looks very plain laying on the table. It is important to remember that very little of it is visible when installed. I think the red stripe running down will look great. My plan is to make up a full set of 620 interior in the black with red accents - kick panels, door panels and bucket seats. I'll offer it up for sale once it is finished as I have no use for it.




The fun thing for me right now is the techniques. Trying them out. And seeing how things go together.


What do you guys think?

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Thanks Erick! The more I look at the photo... Well. I'm changing the kick panel tomorrow. I'm going to top stitch the bottom and front edges.


You can do what ever you want with that machine! If you don't like it, you can do it again!:lol:


Some of the grubbiest lookin sailors I have ever met were artists with a sewing machine. I haven't found the patience yet to learn.

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I like the new stitch much better, but i am not real fond of the red stripe. But i just cant picture it flowing with the rest of the interior.


Maybe some sort of a pattern stitch in the middle of that kick panel to break up the large plain area? My first thought was that a speaker would interupt that space, but those look too good to cut a speaker hole into.:)

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Thank you for the comments Jason! I appreciate them. The idea with the stripe is to try an assembly method I had thought up. It is an interesting way to dress a selvedge (unfinished) edge. The door panels and seats for this set will have a modest pleated panel of the red. My thought is red pleated insert in the kick would be too much and plain black would be too "back yard mechanic". Time will tell on these points..


Any one else want to chime in?


And, anyone want some say in how this setup turns out? I will be offering it up for sale when complete for a 620 standard or king cab - kick panels, door panels and 620 KC bucket seats all upholstered to match.

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What type of material are you using for the panels? I know that a lot of the high end upholsterery guys are now using a plastic type material for the panels, because it wont warp from moisture like the 1/8" door skin mahognoly plywood or hard board. I will see if I can get you more info. In the past I have coated the bare door skin plywood with sanding sealer on both sides to keep the moisture out of the wood, before being upholstered.



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It is waterproof panel board sold by my supplier. I soaked a sample in water for a few hours - no change. It's good stuff. I've looked in to the ABS. It's good. VERY expensive. Like 20x the price of the stuff I'm using.

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It is waterproof panel board sold by my supplier. I soaked a sample in water for a few hours - no change. It's good stuff. I've looked in to the ABS. It's good. VERY expensive. Like 20x the price of the stuff I'm using.


Sounds like you are doing it right from the start.



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if you chose to use the 1/8 inch mohagany sheets let me know what you are paying and i might be able to get it cheeper i will see how much we pay for it today


I appreciate the offer. I don't want to use wood. It is not as dense so it will make the door in to a drum and it warps rather easily. The panel board I use is good stuff.


2eDeYe;158352'']Nice work. Have you thought about the package price yet?


I sent you an email from my phone, or tried to is more like it. It seems to be lost in the ether. I'm thinking I'll offer up the first set of kick panels, door panels and seats for a great price. The subsequent ones will cost more.. The first customer will get the best deal.

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i would use the same stuff as you i just thought i would pit it out there....they are $16 a sheet and if you need any other materials let me know our shop is listed as a cabinet shop so i can get dimensional stuff at a fair price

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from my past experiance of doing upholstery work if u can adjust your sewing machine legs upward or cut off a little from the legs of your work table u will have more usable work/sewing space without the ridge from 2 differant hieghts, just my 2 cents from past experiance..your work looks real good keep it up, it will get alot better and u will always have more ideas then u can write down..i know that for a fact, when i am doing some thing i always keep pen and pad at hand for that reason..:D

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